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Ludum Dare 32

My entry for Ludum Dare 31 a 48-hour game jam where the theme was "An Unconventional Weapon" called "Your Opinion, Adventurer?" I finished this game really close to the deadline but I managed to conceptualize my idea of using your opinion to effect your stats! Lots of silly writing that makes replaying very hilarious, at least to me! Haha!

Assess the items then Yay or Nay, then fight monsters and share your opinion about how strong you are!

Your Opinion, Adventurer? (Play Game)

Ludum Dare Page!

-April 19, 2015

Ludum Dare 31

My entry for Ludum Dare 31 a 48-hour game jam where the theme was "Entire Game on One Screen" called "Desk Top!" As of this post it's probably my most fully realized game development project so far! Also, bonus points for getting it done ahead of schedule! Super happy how this turned out!

Recycle all the icons, and be careful not to bounce too much!

Desk Top! (Play Game)

Ludum Dare Page!

-December 7, 2014

Site Redesign!

So I decided to redesign my site since the old one was just a list of updates in text and looked incredibly ugly. I want to have images in my posts as well and a promotional section to display what's currently going on for all the projects I am working on. The promotional stuff as well as the navigation bar at the top of the page will be updated when I get those pages done, so in the meantime this will have to do!

-July 28, 2014

Ludum Dare 27

My entry for Ludum Dare 27 a 48-hour game jam where the theme was "10 Seconds" called "Quick! Crook Faster!" This is my first game jam entry!

Crook as fast as you can in this frantic game!

Quick! Crook Faster! (Play Game)

Ludum Dare Page!

-August 25, 2013

Molyjam 2013

Welcome to the PR Squad! Talk, or die!

Speak your way to victory with this explicitly spoken speech simulator!

PR Squad: Keep Talking (Play Game)

Molyjam Page!

-July 8, 2013


These are the two games that I presented at EXPO.

Gopher Forest (Play Game)

Gopher Forest is a wack-a-mole style game where the objective is to step on the gophers invading the forest. As you do your score will increase, so you have to get as many squished gophers as you can!

Sheep Cave (Play Game)

Sheep Cave is a dungeon-crawler style game where you have to collect wool from the sheep inhabiting the cave. When you have collected all the wool your prize awaits you at the end, but take too long and you lose!


Let the monster games begin!

Build 2 of Monster World 2D is out! A lot of new things were added such as a title screen with a menu and working sprite button system. I played around some more with animations for different objects to create cool lighting effects. There is some sound now, and some small interactive dialogue parts! I spent a lot of time trying to get the dialogue to work properly and create a simple way to attach dialogue areas so that you can adjust the area and the amount of lines being spoken! Planning to do some bigger things with build 3, so stay tuned!

-November 18, 2013

2D Games and more!

If you haven't heard the latest update for Unity has added features for 2D! Now that it's here I'll be working even more on 2D based games since it's so much easier now than it was before to create. I think I'm pretty much done with XNA at this point, there's no sense using that now that I can create 2D games much quicker with Unity. So I'll be posting what I'm dubbing (temporarily) "Monster World 2D" at the top of this page as my active project where I'll keep updating it and learning how to make different aspects of RPG games. Let the games begin!

-November 14, 2013

Lots of awesome stuff!

It's been a while since I've updated anything but rest assured I am working on games! Updated the links up top today to include the Molyjam 2013 game I helped make with two other awesome dudes as well as my entry to Ludum Dare 27. I'm still working on the top secret RPG game with XNA although I've been using Unity a lot so I may end up transferring that stuff over and going that route, we'll see! So right now I'm in make-as-many-small-games-as-possible-mode!

-August 25, 2013

Moving forward

Now that school is over I am now ready to focus on more personal gaming projects. I've got quite a bit of experience under my belt now with Unity and XNA that I can start to make stuff that I can get out to people and get feedback from a larger audience. This post marks the beginning!